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2017 Greater South Shore Standings

Greater South ShoreConferenceOverallClass
Whiting6-10.8577-30.7002A 33North
Calumet3-40.4293-70.3003A 25North
River Forest3-40.4294-60.4002A 33North
Lake Station1-60.1432-80.2002A 33North
Hammond Noll0-70.0000-100.0002A 33North
Griffith7-01.00010-20.8334A 17South
Boone Grove6-10.8578-40.6672A 33South
Hanover Central3-40.4295-50.5003A 25South
South Central (Union Mills)3-40.4294-60.4001A 41South
Wheeler3-40.4295-60.4553A 25South

Greater South Shore

Founded: formed in 2007 when five teams left Lake Athletic Conference and three teams left independent status
Founding Members (8): Calumet, Hammond Noll, Lake Station, North Newton, River Forest, South Central, Wheeler, Whiting
Withdrew (1): North Newton (2016 - part of North Division)
Added (3): Boone Grove (2014); Hanover Central (2014); Griffith (2017)
Divisions: Conference split into two divisions in 2014
 - North Division Members (5): Boone Grove, Griffith, Hanover Central, South Central, Wheeler
 - South Division Members (5): Calumet, Hammond Noll, Lake Station, River Forest, Whiting
Current Members (10): Boone Grove, Calumet, Griffith, Hammond Noll, Hanover Central, Lake Station, River Forest, South Central, Wheeler, Whiting

Year Champion (Record)
2007 Wheeler (7-0)
2008 Wheeler (7-0)
2009 Wheeler (7-0)
2010 Wheeler (7-0)
2011 Wheeler (7-0)
2012 Whiting (7-0)
2013 Whiting (6-1)
In 2014, GSSC split into two divisions.
2014 North: Whiting (7-0)
          South: Wheeler (6-1)
2015 North: Whiting (6-1)
          South: Wheeler (6-1)
2016 North: Whiting (6-1)
          South: Hanover Central (7-0)

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