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Indianapolis Times
December 14, 1933

Award State Prep Grid Title to Clinton

Whiting, Washington and Roosevelt Rated Highly by Indianapolis Scribe

Indianapolis Times Staff Writer

Amassing 281 points against 16 for their opponents, battling the strongest opposition they could schedule, victorious in nine games, undefeated, and tied but once, and never outplayed, Clinton's powerful high school football team gained the title of "outstanding high school grid team of 1933 in Indiana," and the reward of the seventh annual Indianapolis Times trophy "Triumph."

Thus for the third time in seven years the trophy lands in the coal mine region of Vermillion county, where the Wildcats also had great teams in 1928 and 1932 Gary also housed the title winner three times, but a different school won each time. Froebel in 1927, Horace Mann in 1929 and Emerson in 1930.

1927—Froebel of Gary.
1929—Horace Mann of Gary
1930—Emerson of Gary.
1931—Central of South Bend.

The. 1932 and 1933 Clinton teams were coached by John. Magnabosco, a Clinton boy who later played at Indiana university. The team in 1928 was coached by Paul (Spike) Kelly, now coach at Sullivan and once mentor of Magnabosco. "Babe" Frump assisted Magnabosco this fall.

The Indianapolis Times trophy is awarded with the permission of the Indiana High School Athletic association, which in 1927 permitted the writer to annually select the outstanding team of the season. The I. H. S. A. A. has no connection with the decision.

Eleven teams were given serious consideration this year. That each had outstanding records in their communities is unchallenged. Two were undefeated and untied However, after F. J. Reitz, of Evansville completed its regular schedule of nine games and a post-season game was considered to advance championship claims, the players advised their coach, Elmer W. Weber, they had had enough football for the season.

Likewise in Linton, where Coach Gerald W. Landis directed his Miners through nine games without defeat, the school board is reported to have frowned on games after the season closed on Nov. 17. It is my opinion Linton should have played Clinton to decide, for the Wabash valley conference trophy. Two rules, one that games outside the conference count in the league standing and another, that a tie counts half a game, enabled the Linton team to claim the trophy after Clinton tied with Washington of East Chicago in a post-season game, Thanksgiving.

After weighing the records of Southport, South Side of Ft. Wayne, Peru, Bloomington and Roosevelt of East Chicago, it was decided the most powerful teams were Clinton, Washington of East Chicago, Central of South Bend and Whiting. These teams really won their spurs.

Had Whiting defeated Central of South Bend on Thanksgiving day when those two teams met as the east and west division winners in the Northern Indiana High school conference the claims of the Oilers, coached by Ray Gallivan, would first have been hard to over rule. But South Bend won, 14-13. The Central team, coached by Elmer Burnham, undoubtedly was a powerful aggregation, especially in the line. But weak on pass defense, and inexperienced, they lost the opening game of the season to Washington of East Chicago, 6-2, and later were held to scoreless ties by Michigan City, Emerson of Gary and Elkhart, none of them outstanding teams.

Whiting, in winning the western title scored their most important win over Washington of East Chicago, 7-0. But the Oilers lost an early season game to Thornton Fractional of Calumet City, Ill, and were tied by Emerson of Gary and Roosevelt of East Chicago, teams Washington of East Chicago defeated by decisive counts.

Washington did not appear to be as strong as last season, especially on pass defense. Breaks saved them from a rout at Clinton. They had a powerful line, one that held Clinton near the goal line on a couple of important occasions and once when accorded their only scoring chance they fought valiantly and crossed the goal. However, with a 6-0 lead, they were unable to protect it for two minute.

During that period they looked weak on pass defense and Clinton scored. Clinton steam rollered everything in front of them except Westvllle, Ill. In all these games they revealed evenly developed power, a good line, two great pass catching and defensive ends, a well-balanced backfield that had running power as well an passing ability and good defense against both when used by the opposition.

The best that can be said is, Washington tied Clinton, Whiting will say that they defeated Washington, South Bend will tell you they defeated Whiting and Washington will add, "Well, we beat South Bend." There is a chance that
Linton or Reitz of Evansville could have beaten any or all of them. We believe, however, they had that chance during the last two weeks of November, but were content to rest on their laurels.

But for a team we think Clinton had it. Balance in every department, maybe overshadowed a little here and there in some one phase of the game, but as a team, "the outstanding high school football team in Indiana during the season of 1933."


Coached by John Magnabosco. Won nine games, lost none and tied one. Defeated Sullivan, 39-0; Wiley
(Terre Haute), 38-0, Trinity, of Bloomington, Ill., 38-2; Jasonville 44-0; Central (Evansville), 43-6; Westville, Ill., 6-0. Cathedral (Indianapolis), 19-0; Bicknell, 30-0; Reitz Memorial (Evansville), 18-2 and tied with Washington of East Chicago, 6-6 in post season tilt. Total points scored Clinton 281, opponents, 16.

Coached by Ray Gallivan. Won seven games, lost two and tied two. Defeated Alumni, 6-0; Hammond, 7-0; Horace Mann (Gary) 26-0; Pullman Tech 20-0, Washington of East Chicago 7-0; Lew Wallace (Gary), 14-7, Froebel (Gary) 25-13. They tied with Emerson of Gary, 6-6, and Roosevelt of East Chicago also 6-6, but were winners of the western division title in the Northern Indiana High School conference. In a playoff with Central, South Bend, titlists of the eastern division of the same league, Whiting was defeated, 14-13. They also lost to Thornton Fractional of Calumet City, Ill., 7-6. Total points Whiting 136; opponents, 53.

Coached by Frank Cash. Won seven, lost one, tied one. Defeated Central of South Bend, 6-2; Parker (Chicago), 14-6; Bowen, (Chicago), 15-0, Froebel (Gary), 14-2, Horace Mann (Gary), 25-0; Emerson (Gary) 20-6 and Roosevelt (East Chicago) 12-6. Lost to Whiting, 7-0, and tied with Clinton in a post season game, 6-6. Total points, Washington 142, opponents, 29.

Coached by Elmer  W. Weber. Won nine games, lost none, tied none. Defeated Lawrenceville, Ill. 19-0. Johnson City Ill., 12-0 , Memorial (Evansville) 20-6, Johnson City, 20-6, New Albany, 10-0, Central (Evansville), 11-7, and Bosse (Evansville), 17-0. Total points Reitz, 177, opponents, 19.

Coached by Elmer Burnham. Won six games, lost two, and tied three. Defeated Muncie 46-7. LaPorte, 44-6, Mishawaka, 27-0, Riley (South Bend), 31-0; Goshen, 26-6, Whiting for title of Northern Indiana High School conference, 14-13. And played scoreless ties with Emerson of Gary, Michigan City and Elkhart. Lost to Washington of East Chicago, 6-2, and Lansing, Mich., 7-6. Total points Central (South Bend), 186, opponents, 45.

Coached by Gerald W. Landis. Won nine games, lost none, tied none. Defeated Bloomfield. 37-0; Dugger. 18-0. Wiley (Terre Haute), 18-0, Evansville Central, 21-0, Brazil 50-0, Bloomington, 19-6; Bicknell, 6-0. Jasonville, 18-0, and Sullivan, 27-0. Total points: Linton, 216; opponents, 6. Was awarded the Wabash valley championship.

Coached by A. D. Pitcher Won nine games and was undefeated. Tied only by Columbia, 0-0. Had strong offensive power and scored victories over three Indianapolis high schools elevens, Washington, Cathedral and Broad Ripple.

Coached by Lundy Welborn. Won eight games and only defeat was by Hammond, 39-0, in opening game
of season. Was only team to defeat Peru and handed Central of Ft Wayne Its only defeat which gave South Side the city championship and title of Northeastern Indiana conference.

Coached by James Loveless Won nine games and only defeat was at hands of South Side (Ft Wayne), 19-6.

Coached by Harold Mumby. Won seven games and only defeat was at hands of undefeated Linton team
by score of 19-6.

Coached by J. Austin. Won six games. Only defeat by Washington of East Chicago in city series, 12-0. Tied by Whiting and Hammond.

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