Castle football tied at No. 41 in Indiana for historical tournament success

Thursday August 6, 2015

The Castle Knights are tied at No. 41 among all Indiana high school football teams for their postseason tournament success.

The IHSAA Tournament Success Factor gives teams one point for a sectional championship, two for a regional, three for a semi-state or four for winning state. While the IHSAA only looks at two-year segments at a time, recently calculated each team's score for the entire history of the Indiana high school football playoffs, from 1973 to present.

In total, the program has compiled a 48-34 win/loss tournament record and accumulated 18 points:

See how all 338 teams rank on the Indiana High School Football Tournament Success Factor Historical Index.

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We've got results for the school since it opened in 1960. If you have any information or corrections, please send them to us.

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Keep in mind that we have no affiliation with the IHSAA, we're just big fans of what they do to help promote high school football.

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